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Mil-Spec Connectors

We are your interconnect partner for the most demanding applications on earth… and beyond.

We have over half a century of unparalleled hyperboloid connector knowledge and technological expertise, such that we are able to design and manufacture Mil-Spec connectors for standard or custom military applications. These include but are certainly not limited to, high-speed connectors for advanced communication systems, power contacts for engine ignition, electronic rotor controls, laser-guided munitions, military radios, sat-comm systems, and missile defense radars. For all of these and more, we are your interconnect partner for all military electrical connector solutions.

But at IEH we do more than just supply our customers with premium connectors and contacts; we are also experts in designing custom, application-specific interconnect solutions. Our engineers will work closely alongside you in order to devise and develop the product that meets your needs. For enduring reliability, superior performance, and low-cost ownership, IEH employs its hyperboloid interface on all Mil-Spec connectors.

Large Selection

Custom Design Collaboration

  • We work with our customers to create custom military electrical connectors that meet their application specifications and budgetary guidelines.

Dependable, Reliable

  • Impervious to shock and vibration, hyperboloid connectors offer increased current carrying capacity, low insertion force, low contact resistance, and more.
  • IEH has over 75 years of industry experience!

Contact us today for a more information or a custom quote.