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Enter a Mil-Spec number or an IEH Part number. Mil-Spec numbers should start with “M55302/” followed by the rest of the part number. For IEH part numbers, please enter the first 8 characters.

For over 50 years…

From the Apollo Lunar Module to the Orion Spacecraft

From the Atlas and Vulcan rockets to today’s Commercial Space Launches

From the Hubble Space Telescope to the RST Telescope

And on applications as varied as the Europa Clipper, the 16 Psyche asteroid mission, and today’s most advanced GPS satellites…

IEH has been chosen time and again, by engineers who understood that for immunity to shock and vibration, low-insertion force, high-current carrying capacity and resistance to fretting and corrosion, there is no better solution than IEH’s signature Hyperboloid connectors.

Superior Performance for the Harshest Environments, on Earth…and Beyond…