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Aerospace Connectors

At IEH, we have decades of comprehensive knowledge and experience designing and manufacturing standard and custom aerospace connectors for aviation applications. While we have many products readily available, we understand—and embrace—the circumstances that defy convention and demand specific custom craftsmanship. Working closely with customers, our engineers have one goal in mind: customer success. To achieve this end, IEH engineers carefully design and meticulously develop the exact aerospace connector to suit your application. To ensure everlasting reliability, unparalleled performance, and cost- efficiency, each IEH aerospace electrical connector utilizes our heralded hyperboloid interface.

Large Selection

Custom Design Collaboration

  • We work with our customers to create custom aerospace products that meet their application needs, specifications, and budget.

Dependable, Reliable

  • Over 75 years of experience!
  • Immune to shock and vibration, our rugged hyperboloid aerospace electrical connectors afford improved current carrying capacity, low contact resistance, low insertion force, and more.

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