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Our Technology

The highest reliability for the most demanding environments.

The Hyperboloid contact is an advanced design that satisfies performance requirements previously considered impossible. Unique in concept, it is used in connectors having the highest standards of performance. The distinguishing feature of the Hyperboloid socket is the hyperboloid-shaped sleeve formed by straight wires strung at an angle to the longitudinal axis.

When the pin is inserted into this sleeve, the wires stretch, well within elastic limits, to accomodate it. In so doing, the wires wrap themselves around the pin providing a number of continuous line contact paths. The illustration to the right should assist in visualization.

Unique Benefits

  • Impervious to Shock & Vibration

    The low mass and resulting low inertia of the wires allows them to follow the most extreme excursions of the pin without loss of contact. Tests exceed 300 g’s without discontinuity.

  • 100,000+ Cycle Lifespan

    The burnishing action of the wires on the pin surface is non-destructive. Unlike the “plow” and scrape action of common designs, Hyperboloid’s gentle mating action enhances life.

  • Improved Current Carrying Capacity

    The low contact resistance gives a lower °C rise from ambient under load. This feature often allows the user to operate the same size contact under higher load.

  • VLIF (Very Low Insertion Force)

    Common sizes #22 and less average under one ounce per contact.

  • Low, Low Contact Resistance

    The multiplicity of line contact, as opposed to point contact in other designs, provides an excellent interface exhibiting low contact resistance (often less than 1/2 of MIL spec. allowances). This characteristic also provides for a cooler running contact under load.