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Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard line of PCB and M55302 connectors, IEH specializes in custom connector applications, many of which incorporate our Hyperboloid contact technology and meet the specific needs and desires of our customers. Below are but a few examples of the types of custom connector solutions we’ve designed. We would be happy to review your current interconnect requirements and work with you on a solution to suit your needs.


Semi-circular, stacking connectors for parallel boards inside a munitions chamber, where high reliability and high density were mission-critical.


90-Pin, Hi-Speed Differential Pair, a ruggedized version of a Compact PCI connector. These airborne connectors were produced for an airborne radar application, where high speed data transmission was required, along with the durability of the hyperboloid contact. This product is available with a matching 9-pin power module.


Non-Magnetic Power Interconnect, developed for NMR and MRI applications, where the high-current capabilities of hyperboloid sockets were required.


These D-shaped custom connectors were designed for ruggedized medical and commercial applications, including docking stations, mobile diagnostic equipment and remote terminals. The ability of the Hyperboloid contact to last over 100,000 mating cycles was preferred.


This airborne connector is a single-pole collector for high-power and high-vibration environments. It can be used both for airborne and space.


Employed for commercial avionics, this is a power connect for a distribution controller.

Why Hyperboloid Connectors?

Hyperboloid contacts offer incredible reliability, performance, and endurance.

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