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IEH will be sending representatives to a number of trade shows and conferences through the rest of 2023

IEH will be sending representatives to a number of trade shows and conferences through the rest of 2023. Stop by and learn all about our Hyperboloid products that provide the highest reliability for the most demanding environments in space, aerospace, defense, medical, and more!

DSEI - Sept 12-15, 2023 at ExCel London, London, England Stand H7-623 with distributor Ex-El Group

Seoul ADEX 2023 - Oct 17, 2023 at 22~Seoul Airport, Seoul, South Korea Booth C565, Hall C

Space Tech Expo Europe - Nov 14-16, 2023 at Bremen, Germany Booth R28, Hall 6 with SACA Europe

Modelithics and IEH partner to offer new 3D Simulation models for our high-speed and PCB hyperboloid connectors

Modelithics and IEH Corporation Partner to Offer New 3D Geometry Models for Connector Products

IEH has partnered with Modelithics, the leading provider of RF/microwave simulation models, to provide 3D models for connector designers, so you can accurately simulate our connector’s performance in high-bandwidth applications.  
Crosstalk, S-Parameters in both single-ended and differential simulations, TDR data and more are available from Modelithics on 12 different IEH connector series’.

HMP Series

HMP Hyperboloid Connectors

This new PCB connector series is a Drop-In Replacement for legacy European Hyperboloid connectors, featuring:

  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 row configurations
  • 20 - 303 pin contacts
  • 0.6mm contact diameter
  • 1.905mm pitch
  • Built with the same materials and processes as our Mil-DTL-55302 products

HBH Hybrid Power/Signal Hyperboloid Connectors

This new modular connector series provides the flexibility to mix signal and power contacts within a single housing, to meet the most demanding applications.

  • All socket contacts utilize the Hyperboloid Technology
  • Contact sizes from .016” to .169”
  • Superior Power Density
  • Modular design allows you to choose most any desired connector configuration
  • Terminations include straight and right angle PCB mount, crimp, solder-cup, and complaint contacts
  • Blind mate option available for increased misalignment

HVM Series

The same reliability and durability the Hyperboloid socket has always been known for, now in a smaller connector. When available board space is tight yet the superior performance of the Hyperboloid is required, the HVM series is the solution. The HVM series features:

  • The smallest Hyperboloid socket in existence (.3mm)
  • .050” pitch
  • Size options from 10-100 pins in a 2-row, staggered configuration
  • Stacking options with pin guides to aid in alignment
  • Built with the same materials and processes as our Mil-DTL-55302 products

High Speed Series

This Connector is a shielded, high-density, hi-speed modular interconnect which employs the mission critical capabilities of the hyperboloid contact.

  • HKC (cPCI Series) – Interchangeable with 2mm COTS board layout, but with our Hyperboloid Contact System
  • HKX (VPX-Compatible Series) – VITA-46 Platform, with Data Rates up to 10 Gbps

IEH’s NEW PCB Connector Series, HMK!

A drop-in replacement to legacy hyperboloid PCB connectors of the same pitch and range, these are .100” (2.54mm) x .050 (1.27mm) offset pitch, 2, 3, 4 and 5 rows, with a pin count range of 17-pins all the way up to 490-pins. Built in accordance with the Mil-spec D55302/161 & /164. Like our other PCB connector series, offered with either solder dip or compliant tails.

Mini Circular Connector


For OEM medical equipment such as catheters, MRI’s and monitors, industrial applications where high reliability is required, and commercial and military aerospace equipment.


  • Easy & Quick Push Button Release
  • Intuitive Alignment & Polarization provided by housing for efficient mating
  • Hyperboloid High Performance Contacts
  • High Impact Housing
  • Contacts recessed for protection
  • Custom overmold and value added cables available
  • Custom designs up to 9 contacts
  • Custom designs to meet specific application needs including IP65 ingress protection.



All the most desirable attributes of proven military hardware. Currently available in the HRM series, 3-row connectors. See pages 26-27 of the HRM catalog for more details. May be available in other series as well, please contact IEH for more information.


  • JACKLESS: A new spring loaded jackset design allows the user to fully mate the connectors before screwing down the hardware. Most traditional designs do not allow a full mate, limiting the progress to 1 turn per screw per side, this process is repeated until locked.
  • KEYABLE: The interlocking pieces incorporate a hex body with a fixed slot and key. ‘F’ hardware (see diagram) contains the key and ‘G’ hardware contains the slot. Both HRM insulators for F and G employ a hex recess to accommodate up to 36 polarization options for 2 pairs.
  • LOCKING: For high stress and vibration environments, connectors are fully locked for uninterruptible operation.

Why Hyperboloid Connectors?

Hyperboloid contacts offer incredible reliability, performance, and endurance.

Hyperboloid Connectors

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