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Medical professionals in operating rooms, talking with patients, and examining medical imaging.

For connector challenges in all MEDICAL APPLICATIONS…

In myriad medical applications over the course of decades, IEH’s Hyperboloid power contacts and custom connector solutions have been chosen by medical device manufacturers who understood that for the most critical environments, when reliability, durability and current-carrying capacity were paramount, there is no better solution than IEH’s signature Hyperboloid contacts and connectors.

IEH Connector


IEH connector

2mm Hyperboloid crimp socket

Small bone surgical power system tools
IEH connector

.059” Hyperboloid power socket

Electrosurgical generator


IEH connector

.138” non-magnetic Hyperboloid socket

MRI machine


IEH connector

.6mm Hyperboloid socket with spring clip and solder-cup tail

Bone-healing system
IEH connector

2mm pins and Hyperboloid sockets in connector housings

Mobile defibrillator unit


IEH connector

PWB Hyperboloid socket

Dental implant motor systems